reiki in bali

Bali is a magical place to learn Reiki.  The island has a strong ambient energy of its own, and sensitive people are quick to notice its impact.   It enhances our awareness and practice.

The culture here embraces magic in all its dimensions.  The unexplainable is accepted as part of daily life in Bali, so working with energy, intention and prayer is considered very natural.

The Balinese culture and religion continuously seek balance between light and darkness, good and evil, symbolised by their use of the black and white checked ‘poleng’ cloth.  I believe that Reiki is all about balance.  In this increasingly chaotic world we need tools to help us find and keep our balance.   As our Reiki practice deepens,  we find a place of balance where we maintain our calm no matter what’s happening around us.  Over time, we become a place of sanctuary where others may shelter.

I teach out of doors next to the jungle, which has its own energy.  My dogs, mellowed by years of Reiki, slumber nearby as we work.  Safe in my quiet garden we can release the rational mind and enter the deeper states of consciousness.  As the day passes, we weave the strands of the practice into an imaginary cape we can assume at will at any time and  place.  In a single day students acquire healing hands for a lifetime, and the ability to find and maintain balance going forward.



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