Bali Daze

I write guidebooks to Bali but Bali Daze tells the real story of what it’s like to live on this island.  Cat Wheeler is one of the best writers I know and her tales of living in the fabled town of Ubud are witty, insightful and always a fabulous read.  Five out of five stars, a brilliant book.

I love this book.  It’s engaging and enchanting and warm-hearted and clever and well-written, and I’ve learned a lot … in short, an all-round winner!

This great book hits an excellent balance between hilarious, often heart-warming anecdotes, and factual information about Bali and Balinese culture. The trials and the triumphs of the author’s life in paradise makes for a rollicking good read. The pages are alive with great characters, both human and animal (with particular mention of her wonderful dogs!) and situations that elicit many a belly-laugh. As a regular visitor to Ubud over the last decade or so, I found much that was familiar, but discovered much more about Ubud, Bali and Balinese culture from the pages of Bali Daze. Can’t wait for the sequel!

I am so enjoying reading this book that I’ve rationed myself to one story per day, desperate to make it last as long as possible!

If you’ve ever been to Bali or just fancy a delve into a different culture, you will love this wonderful book. I roared with laughter at roasted spiders, animal antics and Balinese ceremony stories interwoven with local social and environmental issues. Life on this magical little island couldn’t be more utterly different from life in the western world as you’ll see when you read Cat Wheeler’s fabulous book. Loved it!

We’ve been to Bali 12 times and on the last trip I picked up the local expat newspaper and read a short story from author which impelled me to get her book. I thought I knew heaps about Bali but this has given me much more insight into local customs etc. The book is brilliant and a fun read as well.

I could not put this book down. As a regular visitor to Bali and our favourite place Ubud, it felt like being there. The well travelled author has a good sense of humour which is what you would need to build a house there and share it with pets and some strangers from the jungle next door. I love the style of writing with all its humour plus the information of the Balinese people and their unique way of life .The worst part was the end –, it could of gone for much longer for me.

I picked up this book as we headed to Bali, in hopes of gaining some insight about this island. Ms. Wheeler offers witty and insightful stories that kept me researching topics and wanting to read more. From rare textiles to lizards in the trees to sustainable collecting of tropical fish, there’s so much illuminated here. This is a fine addition to my favorite genre, travel nonfiction. I’ve just purchased her second book and I can’t wait to start it.

I started this book yesterday and finished it today, what a warm, engaging, insightful, entertaining and educative book. This is a definitely a book that has many layers, something for everyone.  Cat captures the intoxication, confusion, spirituality and most of all the hilarity of life that she’s experienced in Bali. Thank you for sharing your wondrous life adventures. I have enjoyed this book immensely, when is the next one coming?

As an ex-pat living in Bali I can’t speak highly enough of this witty, erudite and well written anthology of short essays about some of the everyday experiences that befall the foreigner living on this island of the gods. Wheeler captures the mysticism of the place as well as its general craziness in readable prose that informs one of the some of the finer points of the local culture and indigenous traditions, as well as entertaining us with the sometime absurdity of life in this magical place.